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18 Genius People Who Seem to Never Run Out of Cool Ideas

We are all geniuses, and our quick thinking often lends a hand when we have to save some money and use clever inventions in everyday life. Using every space for a purpose will save us a lot of time and energy in the long run, which is beneficial to us.

At Bright Side, we compiled hacks from people that are quite useful, and please keep in mind that while some may appear silly, they are still effective.

1. “Paper towel dispenser”

2. “Was tired of looking for my charger cable.”

3. “The future is now, old man.”

4. “Didn’t have a steamer for my bao buns.”

5. “This is how you keep stuff from falling behind the couch.”

6. “To avoid having to carry the dog poo bag, flip the carabiner used to secure your baggies so that the small end is down low. Tie a big knot in the bag, and pop it through the carabiner.”

7. “The snacklebox, perfect for a day trip”

8. “Put a rubber band around the inside of the pockets of your shorts, and never worry about your phone or keys on a run again.”

9. “Our apartment didn’t include a bathroom fan, so I made my own.”

10. “The easiest way to water your garden”

11. “Cut a leg off of a delivery pizza topper thingy to create a smartphone stand.”

12. “Need tweezers in a pinch?”

13. “Put a mug on your doorknob so you can hear it if someone tries to break in this holiday season.”

14. “Finally, no more chaos in the cable drawer!”

15. “I used Command hooks to hang my pan lids onto the inside of a cabinet door.”

16. “My wife keeps using my grocery cart coins for parking, so I had to print my own money.”

17. “Couldn’t reach the top so I made a quick fruit picker with a broken broom and a bottle of orange juice.”

18. “The broken chair wouldn’t stay up, so I fixed it.”

Which of these inventions do you love the most? Do you have any hacks similar to these? Tell us in the comments.

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