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18 Halloween Gurus Who Stole the Thunder This Year

Every Halloween has its heroes. And while everyone is dressing up as Harley Quinn, the Mother of Dragons, and Disney Princesses, some people tap into their imagination and come up with unexpectedly stunning ideas that totally win the day.

We know it’s not a competition, but some people definitely do deserve the crown. Here at Bright Side we made a compilation of the coolest highlights that show how Halloween 2019 went.

1. Truly iconic costume that’ll never not be cool

2. When you know how to make an appearance:

3. “My wife finally let me pick out the outfits this year.”

4. Hello there.

5. Smashed witch is the decoration we all needed.

6. Halloween costume: nailed it

7. That moment when you don’t know whether to laugh or to cry, but you will definitely remember it forever...

8. “Post-Endgame Black Widow”

9. Just a pumpkin drinking her human spice latte...

10. One of the main trends this Halloween:

11. Someone takes Halloween way too seriously.

12. “My son’s handmade Halloween costume. He’s been working on it since April.”

13. Dr. Stranger Things

14. That costume that almost gives you a heart attack

15. Who ya gonna call?

16. Izma is not that much into Halloween.

17. When pumpkin carving is a true art:

18. And the “Most Gorgeous Costume” award goes to...

Who do you think nailed it this year? What was your costume this Halloween? Share your photos with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit ParaFalcon / reddit
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