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18 People Who Tried Their Best but Something Still Went Wrong

Many of us have had a taste of failure. We do something, try our best, but it still goes wrong. And some people have found an excellent method to cope with their fails. They share photos of them on the internet.

Bright Side, in turn, decided to share these pictures with you. We just couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry when looking at them.

1. “I installed my own microwave today and saved $150 in install fees!”

2. “Washed my favorite sweater!”

3. “Ripped the elastic right off when I put them on.”

4. “Today my husband discovered that it is possible to recline the reclining chair too far.”

5. “I read that you could kill bacteria by microwaving your toothbrush head for 10 seconds, even the electric ones.”

6. “Wanted a relaxing bath to ease the sadness, got the most disgusting bath bomb possible.”

7. “Hiked 2 hours to set up a picnic, came back to this.”

8. Kitty is here to “help.”

9. “My stepdad tried to paint our living room today...”

10. “My final grade for one of my classes: I needed a 70% to pass.”

11. “Tried to save money by having my roommate cut my hair.”

12. “An ice cube tray that shatters when you try taking the ice out.”

13. “The printer exploded...”

14. “I have been dieting and fitting back in these pants was one of my goals. Today is the first day in 4 years that I could wear them. One hot-water bottle later...”

15. “Inherited this safe... We’ve dragged it to 2 other houses, over 9 years, since then. Finally busted it open today.”

16. “My boyfriend put salt, instead of rice, in the rice cooker. I’ve been wondering for an hour why it was taking so long to cook.”

17. “Before the days of TripAdvisor, we spent 2 hours walking to a famous cave. This is the cave...”

18. “Bake bread, they said. An overnight rise will taste so good, they said. Put it in the fridge, they said. It’s such a rewarding hobby, they said.”

Have you ever done something that ended in a fail? What went wrong? We will wait for your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit KarenFromAccounts / Reddit