18 People Whose Luck Decided to Take a Vacation

The characters of our article are everyday people who simply had a bad day. They’ve had money destroyed by dogs, witnessed upsetting waterfalls, and experienced cooking fails — and that’s only a small part of the troubling adventures they’ve managed to get into. But instead of getting angry, they took everything with a pinch of humor.

Bright Side is sincerely charmed by the people who not only take their small failures in stride but are also willing to laugh at them.

“My wife bought a new plant pot and put it on the shelf over the toilet. And an hour later we heard a crash.”

“We use these candies for chocolate chip cookies in the bakery but they met their untimely demise today. I’m so clumsy.”

“My bunny decided to make a nest right on my carpet.”

“Took me 4 days to build my kitchen. When I was done, I saw this.”

“We sold our old mattress on the day our new one was scheduled to arrive. The delivery service just updated that it’s delayed until tomorrow.”

“Picked up dinner from a local restaurant. The sauce leaked, the bag broke, and our dinner said hello to the garage floor.”

“My dog trashed my main glasses some days ago, ruining one lens. Today I lost the reserve glasses. So I improvised.”

“Got 2 identical pieces in my puzzle and the one I need is missing.”

“I have been dieting and fitting back in these pants was one of my goals. Today is the first day in 4 years that I could wear them. One hot water bottle later...”

“I was feeling lucky about being able to have flour delivered.”

“We ordered a $150 rug as a birthday gift. It seems no one bothered to check the size...”

“My friend’s 2 labradors spent his stimulus money while he was at work.”

“The ’waterfall’ my family drove 2 hours to see”


“My boyfriend put salt instead of rice in the rice cooker — been wondering for an hour why it was taking so long to cook...”

“This is where the light hits our bed at 8 AM.”

“I just wanted some balsamic vinegar on my salad.”

“Today my husband discovered it’s possible to recline the reclining chair too far.”

How do you overcome your personal failures? Do you relate to them with humor?

Preview photo credit SmileyWhiley / Reddit
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