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18 Photos Showing That the 2000s Had Their Own Special Vibe

It’s hard to believe but the 2000s were 20 years ago. They were amazing times when people chatted on ICQ, spent nights in gaming clubs, and bought DVDs. And the looks from the 2000s deserve a special mention.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t just pass by the photos from those nostalgic times. And in the bonus section, you will see a story proving that children can be hilariously gumptious.

“I was trying so hard to look sultry, yikes.”

This photo is a time machine!

“This was my ‘promo shot’ for my first band’s Myspace page. I was 16 and wore women’s clothing.”

“This look wouldn’t even be a blunder in 2021.”

“12 years ago I taped several Burger King crowns together to make a mega crown and the manager asked me and my friends to leave.”

“Did I need this many bracelets? Yes. Yes, I did.”

“My first day in 8th grade and I thought I was styling!”

“Circa 2005, 12-year-old me thought this was what looked cool. My mom was mad when she found out I used up her eyeliner to make that goatee.”

“Me somewhere around 2007! Way before I learned how to really do my eyeliner.”

“Apparently, I thought this was cool in 2011.”

“My best friend for over 15 years found an old flash drive with photos of us ranging from 2006-2008. I’m going to print them and make an album for her birthday.”

“My husband’s high school goth/emo/photoshop phase is an untapped goldmine of blunder years. Dear goodness.”

“My mom and I on Christmas around 2010”

“I asked my sister to bring a chair and take this photo of 15-year-old me by this ‘for sale’ sign because I thought it would be deep or something.”

“My best friend and I in middle school at the height of Twilight fame... I don’t even have words.”

This guy in gray looks pretty spectacular.

“I’m sure my mom paid at least $15 for this.”

“I would have been in love with this guy in 2005!”

Bonus: “We were allowed to bring an object to hold for the class picture day. Some kids used a football, a tennis racket, a musical instrument. I chose a hamster. It wasn’t even my hamster.”

What were your 2000s like? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit PorcelainPoppy / Reddit
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