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18 Photos That Perfectly Wrap Up the Struggle of Gift-Giving


Holidays like Christmas, Valentine's Day, or simply someone's birthday are considered joyful and merry times. But wait, have you already prepared and wrapped all the gifts? Don't worry – you're not alone. These pictures will show you both the pain and the fun of gift-giving.

Bright Side has collected for 18 examples that perfectly fit the famous saying, "It's the thought that counts!"

1. You'll never guess what I have for you!

2. When a lovely Valentine's Day gift goes absolutely wrong:

3. Nope! According to SpongeBob, it's imagination.

4. Hmm...a coincidence or a call to action?

5. When you run short of wrapping paper, just add some humor.

6. "Our son wants a duffel bag for Christmas. We decided to give him cash and chocolate chip cookie ingredients, as well."

7. Ho-ho. The next year someone will get their revenge.

8. You should've just given those lottery tickets, Nicole.

9. Looks like a perfect gift for fantasy & jazz lovers.

10. Talent is when you can make a present out of nothing.

11.When all your parents know about your tastes is that you like green and warmth:

12. The best present a brother can get!

13. When you're ashamed of giving small presents, pretend it's a ukulele.

14. Ladies, never ever ask your husband to wrap gifts.

15. Oh, such a sweet meaning. Hope this guy is alive.

16. Here's a romantic reminder that you're in trouble:

17. Gift wrapping has never been my cup of tea, man.

18. Have you ever seen a biologist trying to be romantic?

Have you ever encountered problems when it came to choosing a gift? Share your stories in the comments below!

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