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18 Ridiculous Things We All Did in Childhood, and That Some of Us Are Still Doing

When we were children, we didn’t have the internet or devices or the variety of toys we can buy in stores today. This is why we constantly made up different ways of entertaining ourselves. For example, walking on the sidewalk (or a tiled floor) could be a lot of fun if we jumped over the cracks and the seams between the tiles.

We at Bright Side have read dozens of forums where people got all nostalgic about the ways they used to entertain themselves. We’ve found 18 popular ways to have fun from our childhood that might seem a bit weird for modern kids.

We licked yogurt lids, folded them, and threw them away.

When we walked along the fence, we would touch it with our hands or a stick.

We would bite on our zipper.

We tried to stick our fingers into our cat’s mouth when it yawned.

When we were crossing streets, we would try to only step on the white stripes.

We would peel the paint off of the walls.

We would not step on a crack on the road.

We would make a ring with our fingers and put it under a stream of water so it wouldn’t touch our hands.

We would step on the puddles that had a thin layer of ice.

We’d try to connect 2 magnets that had the same poles.

We would click the pen many times trying to play a tune.

We would speak into the fan.

We would hold the ice cream stick in our mouths after eating it.

We would find a lilac with 5 leaves, make a wish, and eat the flower.

We would pour water into a sock while washing it.

We would make a wish when we saw the magic combination on a digital clock like 11:11 or 22:22.

We’d make “skeletons” from leaves.

We would draw nonsense on paper during long phone conversations.

Did you do any of these things when you were a child? Do you still do any of them?

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