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18 Surprises From Mother Nature That Can Lighten Up a Gloomy Autumn Day

Nature loves leaving little gifts all around us for no reason, and we love finding them. It may be a mushroom that looks like a tiny owlet, a sunflower ready to kiss you with its “lips,” or just a crazily-shaped berry. These little surprises make life less predictable, leaving us looking for even more hidden gems when leaving the house.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve picked 18 photos that show how generous and creative nature can be, and we hope you can help our collection grow with pics of your own.

1. “I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl.”

2. “These funky looking mushrooms I saw this morning”

3. “How the snow melted from the sun and made it look like there were little frosted pine trees on my car”

4. This raspberry is half-orange and half-red.

5. The way this tree has grown through this mesh fence is unbelievable.

6. A sunflower that has lips

7. “The patterns on my cat form another cat.”

8. This tree has professional-looking camouflage.

9. “I found a strawberry that looks like a star.”

10. “This Yin and Yang goat I found in Switzerland”

11. This leaf is covered with ball-shaped galls created by insects.

12. “The rock I found at the beach looks like the beach.”

13. And these rhodoliths on the beach look like popcorn.

14. One half of this moth is black and white and the other part is colorful.

15. “My cat has a cookie shape on his belly.”

16. It looks like nature used all its creativity when coloring this leaf.

17. “My little Pumba changes colors in the cold weather.”

18. “This tree has grown across the driveway and sprouted more trees off the top.”

When was the last time you saw anything surprising or especially beautiful in nature? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit miss421 / Reddit