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18 Things From the Past That Can Bewilder Modern Teenagers

Those who believe in progress say that new things are always best, and they are probably right. Familiar things are replaced with modern analogs, and their design becomes more functional, convenient, and practical. But some devices of the past, which were used by our grandparents, have passed the test of time and are still successful in maintaining their usefulness, even today.

At Bright Side, we were curious about what the predecessors of different modern objects and devices looked like. And social media users helped us with this. In our selection, you’ll see things that don’t have a worthy substitute, even now.

1. This vintage sugar bowl with tongs built in the lid

2. “Soviet ’Pokémons.’ This thing was used for looking at photos.”

3. “My mom has 2 ’vacuum cleaners’ from the same company with a nearly 100-year difference.”

4. “A mouse-phone. It still works!”

5. “We sifted through our stuff in our old apartment, and found many interesting things.”

6. This cookie press is from the 1950s.

7. “Sony was founded in 1946. This electric rice cooker was their first product.”

8. “My favorite vintage toy — a 100-year-old Mezzaluna. I picked it up for 5€ at an East-German flea market.”

9. Fashion Plates from the 1980s! You can mix and match decades of fashion.

10. “I’m 29 and I don’t remember a time before this tree.”

11. An electric frying pan from 1988

12. “I found my old iPod, and I completely forgot it had games. Memories...”

13. “My girlfriend’s egg poacher is about 60 years old.”

14. “The vintage tricky lock. The keyhole is disguised by the sliding fin. After you turn the key, you need to press the fish eye, otherwise the key will turn but the lock won’t open.”

15. “A Toshiba TPF-1200 I saw abandoned at the side of the road”

16. “This old fire extinguisher I found at my family cottage”

17. This vintage leather-wrapped bottle from Italy

18. “My grandma’s nut grinder. She says it’s about 65 years old.”

Do you have any old devices that you still use in your everyday life? Show them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ni4kakomar / Pikabu
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