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18 Times Adoption Became the Best Choice in Life

If you are considering adoption, here is the proof that it can be your best decision and make everyone’s life around you happier. Yes, you need to be bold and insisting but some time later it will pay off.

Here are some pics we at Bright Side rounded up for you that show the magic of adoption.

1. “Who knew the goofy little stray we found would turn into a stunning supermodel cat.”

2. “After years of infertility, today we adopted a baby!”

3. Such a glow up in three months.

4. “Almost one year anniversary of this guy getting dumped in my neighborhood and me rehabilitating him.”

5. “A year and a half-ish after I was adopted. Me and my mom.”

6. “My beautiful wife with our rescue pup Rayder.”

7. “I came to rep for adoptive Dads.”

8. “This is Surley, my wife’s adopted pet. He comes by every day and knocks on the back door.”

9. “I can’t believe she is ours.”

10. “A few months can make a difference. She was caged almost the whole time before rescued.”

11. “We adopted a puppy to help my son with loneliness last year. Best decision ever!”

12. “That time I became a mother in Antarctica.”

13. “We met a beautiful baby boy at the hospital 18 months ago. Today he became part of our family forever!”

14. “The difference 1 year makes to an adopted senior doggo.”

15. “My wife’s adoption of my son, the best Father’s Day ever! They are the two best things to ever happen to me.”

16. “Kitty, Jan 2019 vs now.”

17. “I joined the club 3.5 months ago with our adopted daughter. Our bio-son joined the squad last night.”

18. “I rescued the cat off the street. One year difference.”

Have you ever had an experience with adoption? What changes did it bring into your life?

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Preview photo credit davect01/reddit, mummabia/reddit
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