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19 People and 1 Dog That Know Exactly What “Life Is Pain” Means

All of us have had failures that make us laugh when we remember them. Every dog owner probably has a story of how they hid something and the dog ate it. And all cat owners have seen footprints and hair in their food.

We at Bright Side also have difficult days but we try to take failures with a bit of humor. It can happen to anyone. Just look at this compilation and you’ll see what we mean.

“Put my son’s PS4 controllers in the oven last night to hide them so he’d go to bed. Didn’t tell the wife who then put the oven on this morning!”

“My friend had a birthday yesterday and he got a chessboard as a present. How do you like this photo?”

“I ordered a pepperoni pizza...”

“Just set up the new monitor and the chair slipped under me and I hit the desk, and then the monitor fell and broke. Happy Friday!”

“I get this every day.”

“Gas station toilet paper is about the width of an iPod Shuffle.”

What having a cat is like

When someone forgets to close the bucket:

“I forgot there was paint on the ladder!”

This is a strange solution...

“My puppy found my savings and destroyed some of my cash.”

“The food we get at school every day”

“I got a chocolate chip cookie with no chocolate chips.”

“At least she tried.”

“Bought my first home from an estate sale. The previous owners stole the toilet after the final walk-through.”

A perfectly good breakfast, ruined!

“My harvest season...”

It hurts to see this.

“Stepped on a Lego — but never thought it would take me this far.”

“I work at a grocery store. One of the cashiers tried to roll a watermelon across the scale.”

What is the biggest failure that you’ve ever had? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit stylishjoker1439 / Reddit