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19 People Who Opened a Portal Between the Past and Future With Just 2 Photos

It’s hard to say where or when the idea of ​​combining photos into collages for comparison’s sake started. But whoever came up with it was either a genius or a madman. After all, by combining 2 photos, you can see how quickly time passes, how people change or don’t change, or how much we look like our parents. A collage is also a unique way to see yourself in a new light.

In this compilation, Bright Side made a list of photos with the past and present time intertwined so deeply, it’s hard to believe your own eyes.

“My mother and me on our wedding days, 26 years apart”

“In 1989, I loved a perm and a scrunchie or 3, and I recently recreated the style for the ’80s night in Edinburgh.”

“My dad in his early twenties and me in my late teens”

“A 23-year difference — it was a bit hard to fit myself into the new photo.”

“My sister and me graduating, 8 years apart”

“Prom and my wedding day, 16 years apart! Beaker has been with me through milestones, heartaches, celebrations, and challenges. She’s 19 now and still my favorite girl!”

“My dad at the same location, 15 years apart”

“My dad is from Madagascar and my mom was born in Egypt but is of Greek descent. There’s a 32-year difference between these photos. My mom is in the photo above and I’m in the one on the bottom.”

“My first day of kindergarten, 30 years apart”

“Only 2 years apart”

“My parents have been married and playing music together for over 45 years. They were on the road for 20 years, playing in nightclubs, until they adopted me at a few hours old. I’ll be 32 this year and now they play in retirement homes for private parties and local breweries.”

“A photo of my dad and myself wearing the same glasses”

“I looked through my mom’s photo album to find that she took this picture during a college trip in 1991. I remembered that I took the same picture at the same place during a high school field trip in 2017.”

“The bottom photo is my mother circa 1969 in the Soviet Union with her special dog, Vika. The top photo is from this year in Texas with my young dog, Belka.”

“My dad and me”

“My dad in 1985 and me in 2017”

“Even after 10 years, some things never change.”

“My mom in 1990 and me in 2020!”

“I can’t decide who’s hotter, so I pick both.” © actionjackaon / reddit

“My family and me at Disneyland in CA, 13 years apart”

Do you enjoy looking through old photos? Did you try to copy them years later?

Preview photo credit FridaKahlowRider / reddit
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