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19 People Who Were Faced With a Harsh Reality and Took It Like a Champ

There are times when reality is harsh. We have all had days, if not weeks, that didn’t go according to plan. The key is figuring out how we will react. Many complain, while others choose to laugh in the face of adversity. As psychologists believe, a person who can laugh at themselves is more likely to have a positive personality, be in a cheerful mood, and have a good sense of humor.

We present to you Bright Side’s collection of snapshots of people who live by the motto that laughter is the best medicine.

1. “I’m 49. Just found this in my mom’s bookcase.”

2. “Pulled into the driveway, not knowing it was a wet way.”

3. “I guess I’m not microwaving today.”

4. “Took off my laptop skin and this happened.”

5. “We already washed my new jeans. Its store is far away, and it’s been a month.”

6. “Whoops...”

7. “Sofa made it from California to London, only to get stuck in the entryway.”

8. “Tried to make macaroni and cheese for my family, only to be met with mad sad-eroni and disappointment.”

9. “I didn’t realize my oven mitt was soaked with a drink spill from one of my children until it was too late!”

10. “Hmm, I guess I’ll be a few minutes late.”

11. “When your in-laws say ’Surprise, we’re in town,’ you hide all your dirty dishes in the oven and forget when they want pizza.”

12. “The cake I made for my mom’s birthday tomorrow, half-eaten by my dog”

13. “’If I fit, I sit’ gone wrong edition — the cat tried to sit on the monitor, and it fell forward.”

14. “An unconventional wake-up call”

15. “Tried to move my wife’s favorite flower pot.”

16. “Can’t trust the label.”

17. “Final Nespresso cup of my favorite flavor — didn’t realize I’d grabbed my paint water mug.”

18. “Hiked 2 hours to set up a picnic and returned to this.”

19. “Lost my wallet 3 days ago, finally ordered new cards, and then...”

Which of the above had the worst yet most hilarious day? We’d also like to know about the craziest terrible day that you’ve ever had. Share it with us in the comments below.

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