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19 Pics That Hold So Much Happiness They’ll Disperse the Gloomiest of Clouds

Peter Pan sang that thinking of the happiest things is the same as having wings. And we absolutely agree! We also can assure you that looking at photos depicting merry moments in other people’s lives lifts the spirit as well as having your own merry moments. Like seeing a newborn baby cuddling with a newborn kitten or a puppy leaning out the window with his favorite hooman.

Here at Bright Side, we love sharing happiness with you, especially when the photos are this adorable. You can thank us later!

1. “Our cat had kittens 2 days after we had our baby girl. This one kitten climbs into her bed whenever he has the chance. I think these 2 were destined to be best buds.”

2. “2 coworkers and I realized we were wearing the same coat. The only option was to zip them into one 3-person coat.”

3. I got the happiest photo with my best friend.

4. “This little guy came to say hello while walking my pup this morning. Am I officially a Disney princess?”

5. “My senior dog can’t swim by himself anymore, so I carry him while he takes a dip.”

6. Anxiously waiting for mom to get the toy...

7. Who says you can’t be a unicorn?

8. “We fed our backyard squirrel once... meet Frankie, always at our backyard door waiting for more nuts.”

9. An adorable friendship that gets stronger with the years

10. When I house sit for my sister, her dogs are very happy to see me:

11. “Hello friend, are you an opossum too?”

12. “This is our boy, Mykonos, protecting his new brother, Theodore. Can’t get over how much he loves him.”

13. Say hello to Blu.

14. Seems like the cat enjoys reading even more than his hooman.

15. “Today our cat gave birth to 4 kittens, and her blissful exhausted face while hugging her baby is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

16. The way this Dachshund grabs the window of opportunity!

17. “This old man turned 11 today, and he still thinks he’s a lap dog.”

18. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the sweetest ’lil fox sleeping on a tree stump in my parent’s backyard.

19. “Our dog broke his ankle jumping into a boat, dad broke his ankle jumping in after him. Sad, but dog looks totally stoked to match dad.”

Which events in your life have filled you with happiness? We’d be happy to hear your stories and see your pictures in the comment section below!

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