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19 Pictures That Prove Nature Will Always Find Its Way

There is absolutely no stopping mother nature. Even if civilization gets in her way, or despite harsh circumstances, she will always find ways to grow back and thrive. And whenever we see images of nature taking over, it’s like a little reminder for us humans that we are at her mercy.

Bright Side rounded up photos that showcase nature’s diverse and limitless power, and hopefully, they will inspire us to respect and protect our environment.

1. “This tree grew through the sign pole at a crosswalk.”

2. “This ladder led to my tree house when I was a little boy. I’m 44 now.”

3. “The way this plant grew through this mushroom. (Or vice versa)”

4. “An osprey pair built a nest atop an electrical power pole.”

5. “This gate will never open again.”

6. “Nature finds a way...”

7. “The way this plant grew through the screen in my window.”

8. “Abandoned car in the woods...”

9. A tree that grew over a boulder.

10. “Great picture. This made me stop and think about how truly amazing nature really, really is.”

11. Nature is taking over this abandoned copper mine.

12. “This tomato plant is growing out from a sidewalk crack in front of my house.”

13. “The forest is taking its spot back.”

14. “Well hello there! Nature finds a way.”

15. “It appears this sink is sunk.”

16. The tree that grew out of a hole in the wall

17. “Plant growing out of minimal dirt trapped inside a folded piece of metal.”

18. “Last year a hummingbird built a nest on our hummingbird wind chime. This year it had babies.”

19. “My dog ate pumpkin guts, pooped out the seeds, and accidentally planted these.”

Have you encountered or seen anything that reminded you of the great things nature is capable of? Tell us about it or send us a photo in the comments.

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Preview photo credit carsonian93 / Reddit
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