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20 Amazing Antiques From the Past That Have Withstood the Test of Time

Our hearts can beat in a special way when shopping at a thrift store and finding an antique that seems meant for us. It’s like finding a small treasure! It’s a feeling that can be compared to the satisfaction of recycling some small token that our granny was especially fond of. This is the case of the bathtub that was turned into a sofa or the drum that was turned into a flowerpot.

Here, at Bright Side, we are amazed by people who’ve found or inherited something that could be in a museum, and we want to introduce you to their amazing finds.

1. Sculpture of a Victorian ghost emerging from an antique mirror. It glows in the dark!

2. An old piano upcycled as a kitchen hood

3. Handmade blouse, made from silk and an antique lace collar

4. An old drum now has a new purpose as a flower pot.

5. “I’m now the proud owner of this cross-stitched purse from the 1930s, it even comes with the original coin purse!”

6. “Super-expensive at $200, but totally worth it. From an antique store near my house. Each ‘book’ is a drawer. I am in love.”

7. An early 1960s stunning dress. And it has pockets!

8. Found in an antique furniture store, being sold as a “polyester art-object”

9. “My Grammie gave me the 3 top, left casserole dishes. I have found every other piece over the last 15 years”.

10. My grandma has a pair of stork scissors.

11. Just inherited my grandmother’s cookie press from the 1950s.

12. An old bathtub became a cozy couch.

13. The detail of this old heart vase is worthy of an anatomy class.

14. An antique trunk turned into a fully functioning succulent table

15. The ceiling light in this building is an upside-down antique street lamp.

16. I rescued an antique and I now have my dream battle station.

17. The filament in this antique light bulb is shaped like a flower. And it’s still working!

18. I got an old antique hardware store cabinet. It has 72 drawers & spins!

19. An old, metal, pocket-sized grocery list — just don’t lose it.

20. French perfume “L’Orange Variee,” 1925. It consists of 8 enameled glass bottles posed as realistic orange segments.


Have you recycled something old that became the most precious thing in your house? We’d love to see it.

Preview photo credit Etsy, Etsy