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20 Crazy Situations That Prove Medicine Is a Real Puzzle

Medicine can be a tricky business. Becoming a doctor can involve years of college, medical school, and hospital training before you actually get the job. That said, while helping to save lives is obviously worthwhile, working in the healthcare industry can be both hard and fascinating.

We at Bright Side want to show our love for physicians around the world by sharing all the times the medical practice left us feeling very puzzled.

1. They say doctors have bad handwriting but at least they can read it!

2. For anyone who’s had problems giving a number for the “pain scale” — they finally made a sign!

3. If only the medical aisle was always this easy to navigate...

4. Medical practitioners always find a way to use “cheat-sheets” during surgery.

5. This is actually a way of letting the nurses know a patient is allergic to nuts...but it’s probably best to ask the psych ward if they’re missing anyone.

6. We’re not sure why this hospital has a tiny door, but elves need medical help just like the rest of us.

7. Seriously, why do medicine bottles have to look so alike?

8. Congratulations! It’s a bunny!

9. Honestly, it’s impressive someone managed to find a tiny stool to even make this joke.

10. “My mom’s 3D-printed cast — she can even take a shower with it!”

11. “A manuscript-length receipt for my nasal spray. Thanks, CVS.”

12. Pills can do amazing things...this one helps take photos inside of you!

13. A riddle for the ages: would you like the nurse to find your veins the old-fashioned way or with infrared light?

14. “Going to the doctor in Korea — this strip is just one day’s worth of pills. And yes, that’s Hello Kitty.”

15. Why would you even have the blinds open?

16. Why does this medication need 2 bottles?

17. American children have bubblegum-flavored medicine...the French have red wine-flavored medicine.

18. Always give generic medicine a chance...your wallet will thank you.

19. Modern medicine is amazing...something as tedious as putting in eye drops never looked so easy!

20. If you ever wondered how they X-rayed babies, now you know.

Do you have any photos to share about the confusing side of the medical industry? Let us know and share with us!

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