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20+ Details That Can Drive Your Inner Perfectionist Crazy

Dropping your tea string in your teacup, your zipper breaking when you need it most, or witnessing your friend eat ice cream with a knife — these are little things that really grind our gears. Add to these our socks without mates — which seem to be multiplying overnight no matter how well you keep track of them — and you have a recipe that can really ruin any perfectionist’s day.

Bright Side found some people whose days were ruined by little details, and we wanted to share them with you — we’re curious to learn if they tickle your nit-picker eye.

1. Who knew socks could be mildly annoying?

2. “This is how they sliced our pizza.”

3. “Just...why?”

4. “This is how it came from the factory.”

5. “I mean, it’ll take you like 5 more seconds to place it right.”

6. “The way my friend eats her ice cream”

7. This is what thinking outside the box at the wrong moment looks like.

8. Can you spot the mistake?

9. “One of these is not like the others...”

10. “Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square.”

11. The worst sidewalk

12. “The tilted glassware in this restaurant makes me uncomfortable.”

13. “Please tell me who’s responsible for this...”

14. “Our household of 4 has somehow produced 163 mismatched socks.”

15. “Did you want salt or pepper? Wrong!”

16. “The design of this pillowcase makes it look like there are bugs crawling on it.”

17. “My friend rearranged my keys on my keyboard.”

18. “My wife likes to keep dog food beside coffee beans. Guess what I did at 5:30 a.m. this morning?”

19. “When the teabag string falls into the cup...”

20. These forks

21. When zippers break like this:

22. We were today-years-old when we noticed Tom Cruise’s front tooth is in the middle of his face.

Which of these things made you really uncomfortable? What is one little thing that happens to you that can turn a good day into a really annoying one?

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