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20 Fascinating Surprises From Nature We Didn’t Expect to See

Inside every single one of us lives a little explorer, curious about the world around us. Oftentimes, we don’t have to go far to discover something wondrous, as nature will always have quite a few tricks up its sleeve. For example, have you ever seen a curly pigeon or a white praying mantis? Well, there’s a first time for everything.

We at Bright Side patrolled the Internet for various curiosities of nature to help you get to know our planet a little bit better.

1. “The way these caterpillars are eating this leaf”

2. “A tree inside another tree”

3. A bay in Madagascar that looks like an iridescent octopus from above

4. Butterfly eggs look like little mechanical parts close up.

5. “Flying lizards look like mini dragons.”

6. A rainbow ring around the sun

7. Jewel-colored corn created by crossing several varieties of corn over the years

8. This holographic bird that looks prehistoric

9. “The microwavable potatoes I left alone over winter break sprouted.”

10. This is a cross-section of grass under a microscope. The smiley faces are the channels that the water is drawn up through.

11. The unique pattern on this turtle

12. A full strawberry cycle

13. The Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco

14. A white orchid mantis

15. “Mother Nature’s color palette is incredible. This is in Broome, Western Australia.”

16. “A naturally curly feather pigeon”

17. “A heart-shaped rock with coral arteries I found at the beach”

18. A tunnel in Patagonia, Argentina that looks like turquoise dragon scales

19. “A jumping spider I found with green fangs”

20. “These tiny weeds in my garden look like a desert oasis.”

Which of these photos were the most eye-opening for you? Have you ever seen anything out of the ordinary in nature? Tell us in the comments!