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20 Instructions That Were a Direct Path to Chaos and Confusion

Since we don’t know everything, sometimes we need to be shown through the process to perform certain tasks. Mostly when we buy a product that needs to be assembled, the first thing we look for are the instructions. Although, if we think about it, almost everything comes with a small practical guide hidden somewhere, in some corner of the box. There are also times when the instructions are so difficult to understand that they seem like a real joke from the manufacturer.

Bright Side found a thread on Reddit where users shared directions that, instead of helping them use or put something together, ended up confusing them even more. If you understand any of them, please leave your explanation in the comments section, because we can tell you for sure that we didn’t get any of these.

1. “Received a magic trick box from a co-worker.”

2. “Step 1: Get tools... Step 2: Install the thing.”

3. We’re not really sure what happened to the rest of the gingerbread house, but sure...

4. “How do I get to step 2?”

5. Instructions for how to lead a long life

6. And this is how pandas are born.

7. “Found today in an arts and crafts store”

“Make it easy 1, 2, 3.

Wreath Bow
1. Choose your ribbon.
2. Make a bow.
3. Secure to wreath with floral wire.”

8. “The instructions for a wooden puzzle”


9. Step 1: Draw a circle. Step 12: Add hair and shade.

“A basic human face”

10. It’s no wonder why so many people use chopsticks, it’s so easy!

11. “Nick Offerman’s Guide to Woodworking”


Step 1: Gather materials.
Step 2: build chair”

12. You first do this, then you do that, and then you’re done. You get it?

“How to tie a bow tie...”.

13. The easiest and quickest way to sculpt a unicorn (only 3 steps)

14. “My child is sitting there crying and saying, ’I don’t know how to do it. Why did I get this for Christmas?’”

15. “Saw this in a ’how to draw’ book in a bookstore a while back. Pack up this sub folks. We’re done here.”

16. Very useful tips, by the way...

Chiri is a style of manga where the characters are small and cute. They often have stubby limbs and oversized heads.
1. Draw one round shape and add a chin and an ear.
2. Add facial features and a neck.
3. Fill in the eye details and add hair.”

17. “So easy to follow.”

18. “The beans I bought yesterday came with a very specific set of instructions about how to eat them.”

19. “So I was setting up my new tent the other day...”

20. “Expecting people to know both when it’s needed and step 4... risky?”

Are you one of those people who needs to read the instructions before putting something together, or do you prefer to go by your intuition? Have you ever come across instructions that seem like impossible hieroglyphics to decipher?

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