20+ Kids Who Can Melt the Biggest Iceberg With Their Warm Hearts

Whether it’s about seeing how bright our kids’ eyes shine while they watch the dog or deciding to spend their birthday money to help others, we jump up, grab our phone, and get the perfect shot. There’s no way to express the feeling of witnessing your child do a good deed. But knowing that this moment can make someone else’s day shine is the best reason to share it with the world.

Bright Side found images that were shared by parents, proving that even the smallest acts of kindness have the power to put huge smiles on other people’s faces.

1. “My dog gets very anxious during thunderstorms and my son is trying to make him feel better.”

2. “My son saved up and adopted a cat before Christmas — they’ve been bonding ever since.”

3. “Walking through the local farmers market, my son decided this nice man needed a friend.”

4. “I said I wouldn’t buy my son a guinea pig, then I found this.”

5. “Reading apparently really wears my daughter out.”

6. “My daughter smuggled a towel into the stroller just in case her little brother’s favorite horse had a wet seat. It did.”

7. “My daughter’s doctor advised ice, ibuprofen, and extra love. Her 2 older brothers took that last tip very seriously.”

8. “I just love that my kids adore each other so much.”

9. “The way my kid looks at his best puppy friend”

10. “My son loves police officers. He spotted a few and went off running so he could give them hugs and shake their hands.”

11. “This is my neighbor’s son feeling my girlfriend’s belly. He got so excited and gave her belly hugs and high fives all night.”

12. “Told my daughter we couldn’t drive my truck because it was sick, so she gave it a hug to make it feel better.”

13. “Virginia beach clean up! My son helped in-between moments of playing in the sand.”

14. “I’ve got some big, tough drivers, but they melt when my son helps them load up!”

15. “My daughter with her niece...she’s so happy.”

16. “Our neighbor gives treats through the fence. Recently, he has been giving my daughter treats too. This is them waiting...”

17. “The pride in my daughter’s face when I finally said yes to letting her feed her little brother”

18. “My daughter’s reaction to her first birthday cake”

19. “My daughter (in red) asked us to use our budget for her birthday party to help other children instead. Very proud of her!”

20. “My daughter woke me up...I said I would get up if she made me a cup of coffee. She brought me 2 :)”

21. “My dad has been working from home. My daughter keeps trying to help him with his work so he can play with her.”

22. “My daughter and her school FCCLA group made over 300 teddy bears and donated them to orphanages. So proud of this girl!”

23. “My son saw the library box only had ’big kid books’ and asked if he could fill it with ’little kid books,’ so he did!”

24. “My kids visited a fish market, bought a lobster, and set him free.”

25. “This is my son, Avian. He stopped 2 children from bullying another child. It had been going on for a while...”

Which photo touched your heart the most? Do you have a good deed story that you’d like to share with all of us?

Preview photo credit worldstiniestbagel / reddit
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