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20+ People That Got Something Special for Practically Nothing

It seems that finding something truly valuable in a flea market is like finding a needle in a haystack. But apparently, people find such things quite often — it just takes a bit of persistence and luck.

We at Bright Side are shocked to learn about the valuable things you can buy in thrift stores and we want to show you some finds that lucky people managed to get their hands on.

1. “Found this ring for $5 as it was sold as ‘gold plated.’ The ‘PLAT’ hallmark actually means platinum and the stones are diamonds and aquamarine.”

2. “I picked up this crude bowl plus some other bits and bobs for $3.50. After seeing the sticker and doing a quick Google search, it turns out it was salvaged sunken treasure from a ship that went down in 1822. I just got it because it was blue!”

3. “A Roy Lichtenstein silkscreen poster found at Goodwill for $5! The best $5 bucks I’ve ever spent.”

4. “Found this pendant in the costume jewelry section for $12. I took it to an auction house over the weekend and they said it’s an unmarked antique lavalier worth $1,000 — $1,500.”

5. A Whiting & Davis gold crystal ball clutch at Goodwill for $5 that retails for $225!

6. “Got an amazing rare sunburst MCM clock for $30 by bartering with a housewife at her garage sale. Found it for $900 online.”

7. “Scored this awesome mid-century modern chair today for $25! It’s made of real leather from Italy.”

8. “Found this rivière style necklace this morning for $11 and assumed the stones were glass but they’re actually genuine amethysts.”

9. “Found this mid-century wrought iron table and chairs for $20 at the thrift store by my house. Marked Lee L. Woodard & Sons, all original. I couldn’t buy it fast enough!”

10. “Found this original autographed framed Snoopy drawing by Charles Schultz for $4.95.”

11. “$5 flea market steal: a Salvador Dali soft watch by Exaequo. The original purchase was for a $129 genuine leather band.”

12. “Found this hanging on the costume jewelry wall at Value Village. While ringing it up the cashier said, ‘Oh, this is really nice!’ It’s a $10,000 chain with a $14,000 pendant. Gold tested as marked and the stone tested as a diamond. It weighs 6.7 grams.”

13. “I didn’t realize until I got home and looked closer that these sunglasses were vintage (made in West Germany) and gold-filled.”

14. “Dad found a set of Le Creuset pots for $2 at the local dump. Christmas has come early!”

15. “Got this silver poison ring with amber for $10 and stuck an eye inside of it!”

16. “Found a 1971 purple 442 in a bag with 9 other Redlines at Savers for $3.99. Turns out it’s one of the rarest Hot Wheels and I sold it sold for $2,800! The other cars in the bag sold for just over $200 total.”

17. “I got this for $8 at Goodwill today — I just thought they smelled nice and looked it up when I got home. Turns out it’s worth $75 when new!”

18. “Found this gorgeous $14,000 gold-plated, opal brooch at a thrift store. Only $3!”

19. A signed copy of The Afghan Girl photo for $12.99. One of the most famous National Geographic photos ever!

20. “A genuine pearl and gold-filled necklace thrifted separately and used for parts. Items cost a total of $2. Now I have a pearl necklace!”

21. “A 1722 British Half-Penny found in a button box at a charity shop in York, United Kingdom. It cost 11 cents.”

22. “A Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali egg cup set!! They make my heart happy every time I look over at their cutie faces. Cost just $1.99.”

23. “Found this gold leaf choker for $25.50 at Vinnies! It’s from West Germany in the 1960s — a really beautiful statement piece. I’m actually in love!”

24. “A $99 Japanese knife for $3 — I couldn’t believe it. The fish melts under it when I cut.”

25. “My 1930s vanity that I found at a GW for $25. I’m an avid thrift store shopper and this is my favorite thing I’ve ever bought.”

Have you ever bought a truly great item for very little money? Share your amazing finds with us!

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