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20 People Who Can Turn Any Random Photo Into a Hysterical Meme

Our lives are filled with joyful moments that we don’t always consider funny until someone comes and points them out. We hope you will see yourself in many of the memes shown below. Anyway, a smile will definitely be painted on your face.

Here at Bright Side we love spreading laughter and joy and we would like to do that by sharing some of the most entertaining memes we could find on the web with you.

1. I am this close to having a mental breakdown 99% of the time.

2. Grandparents be like: one little snack before you go home

3. Every nurse’s dream

4. When the teacher asks who is presenting next:

5. Really?

6. If the chair in your room had an actual face

7. — Me: Sit!

— Dog: You sit!

— Me: Ok

8. Performs 12-hour, life-saving surgery. Patient thanks God...

9. Me in the morning after a cup of coffee vs Me around dinnertime waiting for my husband to get home

10. When the pizza man said he’d be there at 5 and it’s 5:01:

11. The first time you hear “Mom!” vs The 7,567th time

12. It’s called high fashion.

13. When you sneeze so hard, your mustache changes lips:

14. Me calling my husband to let him know I got all 3 kids to bed by 7:30pm

15. — Coffee? — Just one cup, please.

16. When a nurse takes up gardening:

17. Balenciaga’s inspiration for their $8000 coat

18. When you try to hug her, but she’s still mad at you:

19. What is even the point of Jason Momoa’s bodyguards?

20. When your Uber driver is trying to get a 5-star rating:

Which one of the memes above cracked you up the most? You are free to elaborate on your pick or picks down in the comment section.

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