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20 People Who Discovered Something Extraordinary and Couldn’t Resist Sharing It

Surprising things can even appear in places where we expect them the least. From the unusual colors and shapes of foods, to floating trees, to foldable snow, to cats leaving their tongue marks anywhere. Even the most ordinary thing like pickle can hide something magical inside if you look at it from a different perspective.

Bright Side loves collecting photos that capture something rare and unusual. We have saved plenty of them and can’t to wait show them to our readers. Time to be amazed!

1. “My kitty’s fur pattern is also the pattern of her skin pigment.”

2. Purple bell peppers

3. “Snow had just the right conditions so that it rolled up like a carpet.”

4. “My tour guide’s tool for picking up littered bottles along the trail.”

5. A pickle under ultraviolet light

6. “This guy made pants from all his festival hats from previous years.”

7. “Severed a nerve in my index finger. Half my finger can no longer prune.”

8. The wool of an Australian Merino sheep

9. The way this dead tree branch broke off

10. What it looks like when a cat licks cheese:

11. This band plays on a stage that’s only one square meter big.

12. Mexican blue collared lizard

13. “When the sun hits my MacBook just right, you can see the apple through the screen.”

14. A tree that’s changing colors along the split of its storm-damaged trunk

15. “I found a strawberry that looks like a star.”

16. “Measuring spices for dinner with a plastic spoon + static from wiping the spoon on my sweater first”

17. “This is what the bottom of a frog stuck on a glass tank wall looks like.”

18. “My friends extensive Pringles collection wall”

19. Floating trees in Mexico

20. “My dad has a cap with a solar-powered fan on it.”

Do you have photos showing something surprising? Let’s share them in the comment section!

Preview photo credit robrobxD / reddit
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