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20+ People Who Found Cool Brand Name Things in Piles of Old Clothes

It’s not a secret that second-hand and thrift shops are visited not only by those who have financial difficulties, but also by wealthy people who know the price of every penny earned. All because one can find almost new brand name clothes for very little money there. Moreover, vintage dresses don’t become outdated over time.

Internet users who visit these shops never get tired of bragging about their good catches, while we at Bright Side keep looking at these wonderful dresses for $2 and $5 with admiring envy.

“1970s handmade mini-halter dress with a hand-sewn lace appliqué, found in my favorite thrift store in Florence, Italy”

“This adorable starry Ralph Lauren dress cost me only $5.99.”

“I went to a fashion show and wore my $2 vintage dress.”

“I got my wedding dress from a thrift store for $30!”

“I’ve decided life is too short to not dress like a princess. $10 at a local thrift store, and it’s my new favorite dress.”

“I bought this dress, from the famous fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, for $10!”

By the way, Diane von Furstenberg dresses cost from $160 to $1,500.

“Today I bought this Banana Republic coat for $5.”

“This Free People dress that I bought for $8 feels like it was made especially for me.”

“I paid $5 for a wool J. Crew coat that originally cost $400.”

“I got this Pendleton wool blazer for $5. It had a small stain on the lapel but thankfully it came out in the wash.”

By the way, a similar blazer, a shorter one, costs almost $150 (with a 50% discount).

“These button-fly Levi’s jeans broke my bank account for $1.21.”

“I paid $20 for this Miu Miu dress. The dress is worth $1,800 AUD. All in all, I am very happy with it!”

A small note: the prices for dresses from this Italian brand can go all the way up to $5,990.

“I found this dress for an upcoming wedding. The tags were still on and it has POCKETS!”

“This DTLA fashion district formal dress cost me only $10.”

“Got this Zara silk dress with a full button back and zig-zag waist for only $6 from City Thrift.”

“My new favorite dress for $8. Yes, those are pockets!”

By the way, similar dresses from this brand cost about $100.

“Found this gorgeous Calvin Klein dress at a thrift shop. Now I just need a good summer wedding to attend.”

“Found this vintage ’60s robe dress for $7!”

“Found this Smythe Les Vestes coat for $4.99 (it retails for over $500).”

“Got this vintage Burberry trench coat at Goodwill for $75. It fits me perfectly.”

It might seem like $75 is too much for something bought at a thrift store, but similar new trenches from this brand might cost more than $2,000."

“Got this dress for $15 and it made me look like a student at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.”

“I found 2 Winnie The Pooh costumes. One fit me and the other was a dog costume that fit Betty, our Boston Terrier.”

Do you own stylish items that cost you very little money? Please show them to us in the comments!

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