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20+ People Who Have to Rub Their Eyes to Make Sure They’re Seeing Things Correctly

We take hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures every time we go out. We glance at them once or twice before consigning them to a box of memorabilia and forgetting about them. But once in a blue moon, we take some pretty confusing pictures that stimulate all the cells in our brains. Here are the most puzzling images we found online that can make you feel as if you took your brain to the gym.

1. “I was startled at first because I didn’t think it was possible.”

2. “I accidentally had the perfect timing while taking this photo of ring-tailed lemurs.”

3. “Perfect timing”

4. A great shot

5. “Point Reyes, CA”

6. “A friend’s unaltered photo today”

7. “Which way does the base for solar panels face?”

8. “Continuing the trend of pics that look badly Photoshopped — here’s mine from Cerocahui, Mexico.”

9. “A cat with a leg growing out of its belly”

10. “This set of hex keys”

11. “My boy climbing an old rotten tree stump looks like giant climbing mountains.”

12. “Are we going upward or downward?”

13. “I ain’t got no body...”

14. “It was a weird moon last night.”

15. “My phone looks see-through in my camping chair!”

16. “This rock that’s painted as a cat”

17. “My knee looks like a baby’s face.”

18. “This rock next to the drain looks like a petrified frog.”

19. “My bath bomb looks like an over-easy egg.”

20. “This gourd looks like an old kiwi bird.”

21. At first glace, this cat looks gigantic.

22. “My kid’s bike seat is giving me the side eye.”

23. “What’s wrong with my cat?”

24. “2 cats on the street”

What are your top 3 pics on the list? What is the most surprising thing you’ve seen that turned out to be nothing more than your mind playing tricks on you?

Preview photo credit Potterybug / Reddit
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