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20 People Who Know How to Fulfill Requests to a Tee

When ordering something online or at a new restaurant, it’s worth being prepared for anything. As the bitter experience of internet users shows, you may get a dress in the wrong color or size or a dog bed that’s the size of a mouse pad. Or that dish that looked so tasty on the restaurant’s menu, may end up ruining your appetite for a long time. However, sometimes the result of our purchases or requests may not only meet our expectations, but even exceed them.

At Bright Side, we admire people who are ready to do their best to fulfill the requests of their friends, customers, or loved ones. It might have been nice if they’d learned to understand the requests slightly less literally though.

1. “I asked for a corgi cake for my birthday. Husband did not disappoint at all!”

2. “This is not spaghetti. This is extra cheese at Chipotle.”

3. My husband made me “light tea.”

4. “I ordered a set to keep herbs and spices, but it arrived with all the contents already inside.”

5. “I bought a 25 mm lens cap. True, the cover is 25 mm (in diameter).”

6. “When your 3-year-old asks for a rainbow dinosaur doughnut birthday cake, you deliver. I drew up the design and had it made, and they did an awesome job!”

7. “I ordered 3 lbs of slicer tomatoes from my local farm drop and they gave me one 3 lb tomato. I have never seen a tomato this big.”

8. “My girlfriend asked me for a coffee making machine.”

9. “I went to McDonald’s and ordered an ‘ice-cream sandwich’ out of boredom. They delivered.”

10. “I asked our teacher to draw Girl with a Pearl Earring in anime style.”

11. “I asked for extra pepperoni.”

12. “One customer ordered a spicy eggless vegetarian omelette with tomatoes. Hope she enjoys it.”

13. “I just ordered a 12 inch pizza and meant to ask for it to be 10 inch, I mistyped it and put 1 inch instead...”

14. “I ordered the cheese sticks at a Western bar in Korea. I wasn’t disappointed.”

15. “I asked for latte with ice. That’s what they brought me.”

16. “My friend said that he didn’t like birthday cakes. His girlfriend gave him meatloaf layered with marinara, garlic mash, pepperoni stick candles, and prosciutto roses.”

17. “My boyfriend asked for a pie for his birthday, but he didn’t say what kind...”

18. “When I asked for salt for my steak, the server brought out 4 different kinds for me to choose from.”

19. “I asked my daughter to change the toilet paper roll and came back to this.”

20. “My friend doesn’t like sesame seeds, so she asked for a burger made with 2 bottom buns. This is what she was served...”

Have you ever been in situations when your request was taken too literally? Describe them in the comments below?

Preview photo credit bergernfryeswshake / Reddit