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20 People Who Wanted to Take an Ordinary Photo but Got a Masterpiece

French photographer Eugène Atget once said, “A good photograph is like a good hound dog, dumb, but eloquent.” This quote perfectly describes the photos collected in this article since photographers have managed to catch the most precious moments that we don’t usually notice.

Bright Side was really impressed with these photographers’ luck and we want you to enjoy the pictures too!

“I took this panorama as they shut off the lights at the stadium.”

This Steller’s Jay is having its snack so elegantly.

“A friend of mine captured this moment in Thailand and it’s now my favorite photo.”

A failed wedding escape plan

When walking on water doesn’t impress people anymore:

Did you also think this was a broken cup?

“Pickle the cat happened to be in the right place at the right time.”

“Riding a bike is easy,” they said.

A thief just snatched a lady’s wallet right at the moment this pic was taken.

“My friend’s dog wanted to kiss him while he was laughing.”

He doesn’t know yet...

Schrödinger’s cat, looking in 2 mirrors at one time

This photo emits pain.

Rare solar eclipse

“I made a little friend during my lunch break today. Am I a Disney princess yet?”

The mountains and trees lined up perfectly on this camper.

Her first attempt at jumping rope didn’t end well.

“The exact moment my dog decided he was done playing Catch-the-Frisbee.”

Looks pretty natural.

Who said bulldogs can’t fly?

What was the most successful picture you’ve taken recently?

Preview photo credit SirGuldog / Reddit
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