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20 People Whose Guardian Angel Never Sleeps

We've all had disastrous moments in life when a personal drama was overwhelming. However, very few things can compare to the great sense of relief you feel when you find out that things turned out to be just fine. It doesn't matter if it was just a little misfortune or a dangerous accident. In this article, we'll show you how great it feels to avoid anything like that.

Bright Side gathered the best photos that demonstrate that only a few seconds separated someone from a total disaster.

A few more centimeters and I would be on my way to the hospital.

"I noticed this illegal skimmer just in time."

"My great-grandfather was shot in the chest during the war. Luckily, the coins in his breast pocket absorbed the bullet and saved his life."

The owner of that car is one lucky person.

This is why you have to wear safety glasses.

It's good that windshields don't break easily.

"I almost fried my cat."

The house narrowly remained intact after a fallen boulder rolled through.

The passengers must've been holding their breath.

A cell phone saved a worker's leg from a saw.

"I almost brushed my teeth with foot cream."

"I almost stepped on my fluffy friend."

So close!

"This wallet saved my grandfather."

The speed of his reaction!

A golf ball can be really dangerous.

This is why only the tough men play hockey.

That was close.

Not a moment too soon.

"I think I'm beyond my luck credit limit for the week."

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you narrowly escaped trouble? Share your experience and photos with us in the comments.

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