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20 Photos That Show What True Change Looks Like

All of us feel happy when we notice positive changes in ourselves, our pets, or our houses and we like it when our world is a little less chaotic. The people from our compilation shared photos of the little and big changes in their lives.

Bright Side is convinced that comparing photos helps us to see certain things from a different angle.

“11 to 25. Waiters always called me sir and I couldn’t understand why.”

Wedding dress before and after being sized especially for the bride and decorated with a belt

“Things you don’t think about when losing weight. Before and after 30ish pounds”

“Before and after dental veneers, weight loss, and self-care!”

What a difference a year makes...

A different hair and eyebrow color can change your entire look.

“My hair transformation before and after beauty school brought out my natural curl.”

"2009 to 2019, looks like I stopped over-plucking my eyebrows.

“Our kitchen — When we bought the house vs Now”

“16 (110 lbs) to 22 (135 lbs) — I was only really consistent in the gym for the past 2 years. Main focus was to grow quads and glutes.”

“The vet said Zazzles, my cat that lives with my mom now, needed to lose 26 pounds. My mom used to leave dry food out all the time, along with feeding him wet food, and we took that away. Also, we changed to a healthier wet cat food with real meat.”

“12 to 29, same shirt, same size, but I’m probably more weird now than I was then.”

“Not too long ago, I could see myself dying early. I weighed about 263 lbs at 5’11” and was 22 years old. I found this photo on my computer. I have not seen this picture in years and can say it reminded me of an everyday struggle. I now love myself and will never fall back down that path."

“How my garden has changed”

So I recently moved into my first home and thought, “I wonder what a power wash could do to the garden?”

“18 years old and 23 years old. A lot has changed since school. Yes, this is the same person.”

“Double jaw surgery. This is by far the best decision I have made in my life, worth the frustration over insurance coverage and the money. I’m a new person and I smile constantly.”

“Mom graduating with me 21 years ago as a nurse and me graduating as a paramedic with her 21 years later”

Before and after surgery

“Stay in a caloric deficit and don’t let others tell you who you are.”

Do you have any photos that show significant changes?

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