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20 Photos That Will Stretch Your Smile for the Whole Day

If there is one proven way to make yourself feel better or smile that works every single time, it’s looking at adorable pictures. Whether it’s a kitten giving you the biggest smile or a puppy resting its little head on a shoe, these precious bundles of joy are always ready to make you feel warmth in your heart.

Bright Side wouldn’t want you to miss out on that feeling, so we have 20 pictures for you that will hopefully charm you as much as they did us!

1. A baby tufted titmouse landed on someone’s hand to catch its breath.

2. Sometimes you just need to rest your head on somebody’s shoes.

3. “Met a scary guard dog on my walk today.”

4. “He’s just sitting there...MENACINGLY!”

5. This tiny furball is as big as the cake!

6. “A small lamb born on my homestead this morning”

7. 2 and a half pups

8. “A friend of mine sent me this photo of her trying to read.”

9. Cuddles for the most adorable fluff ball!

10. “One of my friend’s donkeys enjoying the sun.”

11. An alpac-aww!

12. “I might have a bias, but I think my baby girl belongs here.”

13. “My dad sent me this pic today. I think he’s enjoying retirement.”

14. “A happy pig cuddling with mom after eating some pumpkin”

15. “I don’t know who’s happier that Henry is coming home after a few days in the hospital — Henry or Henry’s mom. Might be a tie!”

16. “My little floofer got an A+ on his report card at the groomer today.”

17. “She comes to say hello each day.”

18. “My brother’s dog — I swear he looks like a cartoon dog sometimes.”

19. “The little cutie who keeps warm with me”

20. “My dad meeting his first granddogger”

Do you have any pictures of your pets that have the power to give you a smile that can last for the whole day? If you do, please show them to us, as we could never get tired of smiling at adorableness!

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