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20 Pics of Heat That Will Make You Want to Take a Cold Shower

Oh, the summer... This highly anticipated season is when we can go to the beach and wear lighter clothes, and when everyone is happier. Well, at least if you don’t live in cities where the heat is so high that it can melt anything in its path.

So prepare your air conditioning and ice cream because Bright Side selected some photos of the super-hot consequences of summer days.

1. At least the wooden parts are still intact.

2. Is this ceiling fan sad? Nope, it just melted from the heat.

3. At least we still have electricity.

4. Now you have to do the math on your own, good luck.

5. “It’s not Florida hot until your kayak melts.”

6. Does insurance pay for melted cars? Asking for a friend...

7. If they melted a little more, these steps might become a ramp.

8. We now need heat-proof ink for the street signs.

9. This sun shade had one job to do, and it failed.

10. Deleting is overrated anyway.

11. At least it was the phone holder, and not the phone itself.

12. It was so hot, the traffic cones gave up.

13. Oh look, the dumpster got a tattoo!

14. Well, maybe this melted pen still works...

15. Lesson number one: don’t buy plastic blinds.

16. Maybe staying inside was a better idea.

17. The mailman now has one less place to go.

18. Guess he had to leave the car in the parking lot. Forever.

19. If you think this is a wet road, think again. It’s actually melted asphalt.

20. No more privacy in this toilet!

What was the worst heat wave you’ve been through?

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