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20 Pics That Can Blow Your Mind If You Look a Little Closer

If you told someone today that you saw a cat that looked like it had a human arm or a car dent that looked like a kissing couple, they’d think you were messing with them. That’s the beauty of pictures with a puzzling perspective — they can easily trick our minds and make us see something that isn’t actually there, and that’s why they’re so fun!

Bright Side enjoys these illusions immensely and would like to put your eyes and brains to the test with 20 of them.

1. This car dent looks like a kissing couple.

2. When you’re so adorable that just one of you isn’t enough, so you melt into a second kitten:

3. This is the weather fur-caster we want to see!

4. And people say that bushes and leaves aren’t a good hiding spot...

5. “It finally happened — they fused together.”

6. Some yarn on a table or giant yarn on a hardwood floor?

7. “This crocheted blanket I made gives off a 3-D illusion from a certain angle.”

8.“It’s okay, my owners will think you’re just my shadow, you can stay!”

9. “My beagle doubled in length overnight!”

10. The famous levitating meal dressing

11. “The view of my parents’ backyard this morning”

12. Who knew NASCAR racers had such athletic abilities?!

13. “The frost on the roof of my car this morning looks a bit like a view of Earth from space.”

14. We have to admit, it took us a while to see it...

15. Nothing to see here, just a Corvette for ants...

16. It must not be easy living here!

17. The almighty and powerful cat!

18. Admit it, you want a tree-bush too!

19. Just a mini-goat

20. Pan-fried Brussel sprout looks like a tunnel

Which one of these illusions had you scratching your head the hardest? Please let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit Blazej02 / reddit, whackmo / reddit
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