20 Pics That Can Make Your Inner Perfectionist Rejoice

It may be a little weird to admit, but most of us find perfect things or phenomena very satisfying. And luckily, the Internet is a place where you can find anything and everything, whatever your definition of perfection is.

If you’re one of those people who loves to see flawless things, Bright Side has chosen 20 photos for your enjoyment.

1. “My friend’s chickens picked this watermelon clean.”

2. “My dad laid a new deck around an old tree!”

3. The raindrops’ colors on a car’s sunroof

4. “My egg ended up in the perfect shape for the croissant.”

5. “I drew a perfect bracket.”

6. “This is how the rain settled on my car paint — it looked like stucco.”

7. “The washing machine somehow tucked everything into my robe.”

8. “This frog matches my deck both in color and texture.”

9. “Our balcony has 4 rows of stone plates and when it rains, half of them stay perfectly dry.”

10. “The Starbucks where I’m at has weird paint, but if you stand in the right spot, it makes a circle.”

11. “The way these pickles are packed in the jar”

12. “Built-in cable management on the back of my TV”

13. “The hair stylist perfectly incorporated my nephew’s strong cowlick.”

14. This Japanese pastry looks so smooth!

15. “The patterned way in which this branch grew”

16. “My tomato is exactly the same size as my bread slice.”

17. “I found this variety of colors from just one walk in the woods.”

18. The way these clouds align with the branches

19. The way these green onions are chopped

20. “I just opened the perfect clove of garlic.”

Which photo do you think was the most “wow” worthy? What are your thoughts about being a perfectionist?

Preview photo credit 6295 / Reddit
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