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20 Pics That Seem to Be as Fake as a Flying Cow, but Are Actually Real

Nowadays many of us carry our phones everywhere we go. No matter whether we are going on a trip far from home or if we’re going out to the nearest supermarket, our phone almost always accompanies us. That’s why we can take pictures anytime, anywhere — even if some of our artwork ends up looking like a strange digital editing job.

Bright Side would like to invite you to take a look at some real photos that look like bad Photoshop jobs, even though they’re not.

1. “Photo I took of my dog on my phone, looks like I photoshopped him in.”

2. “The shadow on his shirt makes it look like the guy in the back is badly photoshopped into the picture.”

3. “My potato looks photoshopped.”

4. “This chair I balanced looks like a poorly photoshopped chair image.”

5. “My mom sent me a picture of some local geese and they all look photoshopped in.”

6. “These throw pillows look fake, almost like poorly done photoshop work, but it’s just how they reflected the light.”

7. “My lighter malfunction makes it look like the flame was photoshopped badly.”

8. “My sisters’ dogs look photoshopped into this photo.”

9. “This rock looks like it was poorly photoshopped into the picture.”

10. “The water bottle in this picture I took looks photoshopped in.”

11. “My cat’s face looks photoshopped.”

12. “I took a picture of a raven mid-jump and it looks like it’s photoshopped.”

13. “This picture I took of my daughter holding praying mantis babies looks badly photoshopped.”

14. “It looks like my daughter is photoshopped into this picture.”

15. “This man’s hat looks photoshopped.”

16. “This picture of my cat looks like it’s BADLY photoshopped.”

17. “Lahaina Noon is when a subsolar point is in Hawaii. During the high noon of that day, all shadows are cast directly downward.”

18. “This picture of my brother and his iguana looks like it was really poorly photoshopped.”

19. “The jar of limoncello looks photoshopped in the picture I just took.”

20. “The crow hopped as I took his photo.”

Is there a photo you’ve taken that looks really fake? If you have one, show us.

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Preview photo credit arenten / Imgur, Jedi_JJ / Reddit
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