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20 Pics That Show Us How Time Can Change Anything but True Love

Time changes almost everything around us. It changes how we look, how we think, and almost everything in the entire world. But one thing that is constant, and that time can never change, is true love. And true love can be found almost everywhere, not just among humans, but in the animal kingdom as well.

To celebrate love in all shapes and sizes, we at Bright Side compiled 20 photos that will remind each and every one of us that there is nothing more important than loving others and being loved.

1. They were destined to be best friends from the very start.

2. Sneaking a hug in public

3. “Best friends growing up, now I’m her maid of honor.”

4. Different date, same spot, same love

5. “My parents just celebrated their anniversary. This is what love looks like 54 years later.”

6. Can you tell when the photos stopped being taken with a digital camera and began being taken with a phone?

7. 40 years later

8. “This is my mom holding me in 1979, and my mom holding my daughter in the same dress in 2019.”

9. Growing up together, 17 years later

10. My father and me in 1980, and my son and me in 2018

11. “An entire decade apart — best buds since day one!”

12. 60 years apart. Going home from service in 1959 and going home from chemo in 2019.

13. “15 years later and we’re still best friends.”

14. Growing old together

15. 14 years of unconditional, furry love

16. He is teaching her how to read again because she lost her memory and was re-learning how to read.

17. “I walked in on my parents like this. After 26 years they are still in love.”

18. “Just like my mom and me!”

19. “Same photo nearly 30 years apart — I’m the baby in the first photo and am holding my son in the second.”

20. Old habits die hard.

Did these photos make you shed a tear or smile? Share any photos you may have that show the meaning of true love in the comments below.

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