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20+ Times Gravity Seems to Have Been Out of Town

This world can be so confusing that sometimes we have to look at things twice because we can’t believe what we’re seeing. Of course, we are aware that most of the time, those are optical illusions playing tricks on us. To see objects floating or something else that is clearly misleading is not a common thing, but it can happen and we’ve found proof of it. Users from social media have captured moments where gravity seems to be taking a vacation and where things got weird.

Bright Side looked for images online that could “prove” that it’s possible to levitate here on Earth, and we found out that, yes, it is possible, but only in front of a camera! Also, we found evidence that cats are experts on the matter. Take a look!

1. “I have built Tensegrity Table”

2. Hello hooman, why are you backward today?

3. “My cat having a blast on his favorite chair”

4. Is the sign floating?

5. “The way my wife stored this laundry basket.”

6. Levitation 101: grab a good sip of your iced coffee

7. “Ummm... Floating cow?”

8. “None of the basketball players are touching the ground. Neither is the referee.”

9. “My cat walking on the wall”

10. “Levitation?”

11. Wait and see how I open this.

12. The amazing Spider-cat!

13. This is the kind of thing that happens when you’re too tall...

14. “Thought this section of fencing was levitating.”

15. “Everybody’s cool until the vans start floating.”

16. “Levitating pizza”

17. “Caught Kapiti Island levitating back in February”

18. “Chonker levitating before coming home from the shelter”

19. “Levitating doggo relaxing”

20. “The sauce looks like it’s floating!”

21. “The letters on the CARTS sign appear to float in the air.”

22. “My dad’s eyedrops look like they’re floating.”

23. A nice tree floating in the middle of the road

24. Bread decided it wasn’t enough to just rise... so it floated.

25. “Cat levitating in the sink”

Have you ever witnessed “zero gravity”? Were you able to take a picture where gravity seems to be playing tricks on us?

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