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20 Times Logic Went on Vacation and Idiocy Took Its Place

We are often in a hurry and don’t have time to look around. A lot of things we do automatically, but sometimes, when we stop for a moment and start paying attention, we see the strangest manifestations of human stupidity and laziness.

Bright Side has found a few cases in which people seem to act without involving any logical thinking.

1. Are they sure this is a unicorn?

2. Fits perfectly...

3. Is that some kind of psychology trick?

4. But the icons are still clear!

5. “I heard dinosaurs are in trend this season.”

6. It’s called an egg and cheese bagel.

7. Looks like the graphics are loading too slow.

8. What was the plan with these stairs?

9. Nanotechnology

10. Okay, can dogs even use this?

11. Sports are good for our health.

12. They should’ve just written “T”.

13. “Orezza”

14. What a beautiful idea!

15. For safety

16. This looks more like a nightmare.

17. Cheat-burger

18. If you’re a bad driver you might be a good landscape designer.

19. A pet you can eat!

20. C’mon, it’s like tomato juice!

Have you ever seen something hilarious and stupid at the same time? Share it with us in the comments below!

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