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20 Times Mother Nature Made Some Wild Executive Decisions

Imagine nature being a little-bit-crazy science lady in a lab coat with huge glasses, who wakes up in the middle of the night and goes, “I’ve got an idea!” and immediately proceeds to make it a reality. Well, the image isn’t that far-fetched. Sometimes evolution seems to start getting ideas and we can only wonder what it has up its sleeve next.

Bright Side collected an entire biological compendium of nature making some bizarre design choices for your pleasure.

1. “This cat that lives in the parking lot at my job has extra toes.”

2. “I have 7 wisdom teeth (35 teeth in total). I am probably in the 0.0001%, but at the wrong competition.”

3. “I found a pigeon with one feather sticking out of its head.”

4. “My cat is black but underneath is white.”

5. This takes “A as in Apple” to a whole other level.

6. “I inherited this small gap between my middle and ring finger from my dad. Both hands are like this.”

7. “I found a 7 leaf clover in the garden.”

8. “This mushroom growing directly out of cracks in a fence post”

9. “This perfect star inside a twig I found.”

10. “My cat’s checkered paw.”

11. “A monster-sized dragonfly landed on me.”

12. “My cat (right) and his brother (left). Literally clones of each other, just that one is fatter.”

13. This lotus flower is watching you.

14. “One of our sunflowers has a double head and looks like Xenomorph from Alien.”

15. “My girlfriend pulled out a hugging carrot from the ground.”

16. 2-headed flower

17. “I’ve seen knots in trees before, but this is ridiculous.”

18. “This crazy-looking mushroom I saw the other day.”

19. “My fingers are all weird... Am I a real Slenderman?”

20. “Street lamp perfectly covered with vines and leaves”

What is your favorite example of nature’s bizarre creativity? Share your own photos with us!

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