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20 Times the Situation Definitely Required More Context

Some of life’s situations just need explanations. For example, you can buy insect repellent that eventually attracts even more insects. It could be very frustrating if it wasn’t so funny. When something like this happens to you, don’t forget to take a picture to show to a friend who you can laugh about it with.

We at Bright Side rounded up some pics with confusing but funny situations, and we want to share them with you to make you smile too.

1. “Finished painting the line, boss.”

2. Handle with care

3. No one cares that this figurine has a misprinted head.

4. “Civil engineering”

5. “This bathroom door at my school.”

6. That isn’t 4

7. “He could’ve picked up this one.”

8. “The realtor left my front door like this after a showing.”

9. “At a hospital I visited a while back.”

10. He’s clearly injured.

11. “No more pooping at this restaurant.”

12. “Insect repellent is working out just great.”

13. “I was locking up to clock out.”

14. “This sandwich that I paid for.”

15. “After ordering some shrimp, customer returned the plate like this.”

16. “Residents called the wildlife service because they saw a ’lion’.”

17. “Excuse me, sir. Who do I speak with concerning the lack of bacon in this office?”

18. “My neighbor helping others learn from their mistake.”

19. Instructions unclear

20. “Found this in the bag. Not only did the DoorDash driver get my order wrong, but I think he messed up some poor dude’s plans.”

Which picture did you like the most? Have you ever experienced a confusing situation like one of these? Please, share your stories with us!

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