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20 Times the Universe Invented Coincidences That Just Made Us Go “Wow”

Sometimes we happen upon things that randomly remind us of something else. Like having the pattern of your bag or socks be exactly the same as a car or a pair of shoes. All of these things are coincidences that make you go, “What are the odds?” because things like this don’t happen all the time. But thankfully the people from this compilation were quick enough to capture photographic evidence of these coincidences to share with the rest of the world.

We at Bright Side were glad to find these “happy accidents” and hope they will make you feel just as amused as we are.

1. Got the socks to match the shoes!

2. Imagine finding yourself in a painting at an art exhibit!

3. Found the car to match the bag!

4. “Danger! UFO abduction!”

5. The moon decided to join the Olympic rings.

6. This horse’s nose looks like an “up” arrow.

7. The cheese completed the look of the cow.

8. “This post just grew some legs.”

9. There’s a rainbow circling the shadow of the plane.

10. This cupcake burst out to look like a perfect elephant.

11. That coincidental photo where the lightning photobombed the fireworks

12. The dinner plate matches her shirt to a T.

13. The profession’s in the name.

14. This cracked screen protector looks like a sketch of the mountains.

15. Carmen Sandiego is ready for her next adventure.

16. When you can have whiskers and a mustache:

17. Never knew a music note could come in the form of a greasy fry.

18. Hard as a rock, but looks like a hard-boiled egg.

19. The angle of love

20. It seems Godzilla’s always mad at the sky, even if it’s in the sky.

Which coincidences made you wish you were there to witness them yourself? Have you personally experienced any intriguing happy accidents like these?

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