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20+ Unusual Things We’ve All Heard Of But Only a Few of Us Have Ever Seen

Have you ever seen a baby aardvark? What about a photo of Pluto in color or a sunrise from outer space? After reading this article to the end, you'll be able to say "yes" to all of these questions.

Bright Side found 21 photos that prove the that the world has a lot of surprises for us.

1. The building of a bridge.

2. A tabletop comprised of over 1,500 pieces.

3. A screw with a built-in camera.

4. A tucan's skeleton.

5. Whale shark gills.

6. This is what a man's fist looks like compared to a hawk's claws.

7. This is a heart transplant.

8. A new life in a dead leaf.

9. 3 flying drones light up the canyon.

10. The wreck of the Titanic.

11. A sunrise photographed from space.

12. A newborn aardvark.

13. A concept design of the Super Mario Bros.

14. A pair of horse lungs.

15. Tree bark of the Pacific madrone.

16. Lightning inside a rainbow.

17. A photo of Pluto in color.

18. Black opals.

19. This is what a shark egg looks like.

20. The size of a wolf compared to coyotes.

21. A Vietnamese mossy tree frog.

Do you have any photos of rare unusual things? Share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit mike_pants / reddit
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