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20 Witty People Whose Sense of Humor Makes the Earth Spin

Humor is truly a gift, and witty people have a unique knack for turning even the gloomiest of days into cheerful ones with their extraordinary sense of humor.

Here at Bright Side, we decided to reward you with these humorous gems by compiling 20 chuckle-worthy photos of people with the most amazing sense of humor.

20. This is the kind of advertising that can win over my trust.

19. Stop scaring the ice cream.

18. Not gonna lie, this cosplay costume is pretty clever.

17. This guy lost his leg but not his sense of humor.

16. You can’t argue with the logic behind the bumper sticker, though.

15. I think every country should have a heart defibrillator installed beside their ATMs. You know, just in case...

14. This is the only appropriate way to deal with spiders.

13. That’s one way to say that you don’t like the new pancake syrup your wife bought.

12. When your local coffee shop understands what you’re going through in life:

11. Whoever arranged the “Mystery Section” in this bookstore deserves a raise.

10. This librarian dresses up as a “Book Reaper” every year to collect overdue books.

9. Now, this is one work of art that won’t be washed away.

8. The most accurate sign you’ll see today.

7. Let’s hope this joke doesn’t go over people’s heads.

6. The perfect example of a “Dad Joke”

5. When your wife leaves you alone with the kids for the first time, this is the only thing to do.

4. When you’re trying to make the best out of a bad situation:

3. As far as puns go, this one is a beaut.

2. We really hope that this pilot is just a big prankster.

1. Customers sure hope this costume is not a reference to his working skills.

Which of these photos made you laugh the most? Please tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit fuersties / reddit
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