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21 Impressive Photos That Show How Fast Time Flies


Time flies. We tend to not notice how fast our kids grow, how our idols get older, or how old buildings get destroyed and new ones get constructed. Today we decided to compare the past and the present, and found out that things have both changed and stayed the same over many decades. We also found the girl from a famous meme “Side eyeing Chloe” in a very unusual place. You can find her in the bonus at the end of the article!

We at Bright Side offer you the chance to imagine that you are a time machine inventor and dive into nostalgia for a while.

Well-worn piano keys

“My Uber driver’s consistent arm placement has worn through the top of the center console.”

Berlin in 1890 and today

“True love. 30 years later and still going strong!”

“My cat is now 20 years old. Here is a pic of her as a kitten (around a few months old) and now.”

25+ years of mobile phone evolution

Here’s the same actor that played Michael Myers in the original Halloween from 1978 playing him again 40 years later in 2018.

“5 years ago my wife gave me slippers. I would wear them at home and would even take them with me when visiting someone else’s place. Eventually, they wore out and my wife brought me a new pair.”

“This spot in my high school where people pivot on the stairs.”

“My daughter’s new trike and mine from 1989”

" 17 years later, I finally made it. I’m now a 4th generation firefighter for the same department that my dad served on."

“Me and my brother are the same kids today as we were back then.”

The Lion King: 1994 and 2018

17 years of friendship

“One time, we accidentally matched the fire hydrant. Now, we take all our special photos there.”

The Selma Mansion in Loudoun County, Virginia, then (2016), and now (2018).

3 epochs

“15 years later my sister and I recreated our pic from the day our father was deployed in the first wave of the Iraq invasion in 2003.”

1 year old and 17 years old

Jay & Silent Bob Hike Back 25 years later (in 1994 and 2019)

15 years later

Bonus: The girl from ’Side eyeing Chloe" has a twin.

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