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21 Photos Proving That Smiles Are the Windows to Our Souls

We all know that a smile can light up a room! Some people think they will never feel this experience in life, but with a little bit of patience and the help of professionals and braces, you can have your dream smile.

We at Bright Side got inspired by “before and after” photos shared online and decided to light up your day with beautiful smiles too.

1. “Officially got my braces off yesterday and I’m insanely happy with the end results.”

2. “Almost at the 1-year mark! Can’t believe the difference ? I smile so much now, and time has flown by.”

3. “Day 1 vs Day 391”

4. “I love my new smile.”

5. “Braces are 100% the best thing I have done for myself and my confidence.”

6. After one year

7. 8 months of progress

8. “Just in time for my birthday!”

9. 7 months apart

10. “Totally worth all the pain, time, and money.”

11. “I can finally smile.”

12. “Just got them off yesterday after 2 years and I am feeling CONFIDENT in my smile for the first time!”

13. “2.5 years later”

14. “So amazed with the progress of my teeth in just a span of 3 months!”

15. “9 months of train tracks. Do it!”

16. “My orthodontist is an actual wizard”

17. “Month 1 vs Month 19”

18. 472 days later

19. One year later

20. 2 years later. It was worth it.

21. “And they’re off! Totally worth all the pain, time and money.”

Do you or people you know have braces? Share your experiences!

Preview photo credit robtheirishman / Reddit
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