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21 Pics That Can Mislead Us Without Any Photoshop

Even though Photoshop was invented almost 30 years ago, it’s still a huge part of our lives. It’s the main reason for why, nowadays, it can be really challenging to identify which pictures are unedited and which are fake. However nature and a human hand have always been the best artists and they can still beat any computer program when it comes to fascinating shots.

These mesmerizing pictures that the Bright Side team collected will make you wonder if they were really made without a single ounce of editing.

1. This broken car antenna looks like a half-sunken boat.

2. Is that part of the building inside or outside?

3. Worship me, people, I can hover! Don’t mind the transparent sunroof beneath me...

4. It’s a real project where different surfaces were painted a special way to cause this photoshop effect.

5. Perfect timing and the right angle are everything.

6. “Just saw this at the airport, took me a couple of minutes to realize he’s hugging a pillow.”

7. A giant skateboard, a tiny car, or the magic of the right perspective?

8. It takes a while to understand that this is just a very confusing perspective.

9. C`mon little human, give me a scratch!

10. When the beer is so light, that it floats in the air:

11. This picture is a little bit perplexing, where did the legs go?

12. A tiny person selecting a giant book in the library

13. Spiderman, is that you?

14. The way this helmet blends in with the sky is fascinating

15. A mirage or just foggy weather?

16. A rare shot of a crowd worshipping a Cambodian deity

17. “It’s so crazy hot here that the houses are melting!”

18. Perfect perspective makes the picture look like a daredevil jump!

19. Siberian Huskies are so tough they can walk on water!

20. This gardener took perfectionism to another level.

21. Some people leave their cars parked for such a long time, that trees are already sprouting through them!

Have you ever captured something like this? Feel free to share your stories and pics in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit ogre_easy / reddit
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