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21 Products With Packaging That Was a Little Too Big

When we buy a product online, we expect to have it delivered in one piece. Perhaps to ensure that the items arrive in perfect condition, manufacturers may go so far as to pack them in such a way that when you open it, you feel like you’re receiving a new tech-gadget when you actually just ordered a new set of batteries. In fact, you can even see this “excess packaging” trend in supermarkets when you want to buy a simple potato and it’s wrapped in plastic, or when you just want to get some parsley and you stumble upon chopped parsley on a tray. What’s going on with the world?

Bright Side found a thread on Reddit where people shared some of their weirdest deliveries they had, in terms of packaging, and we selected some of the best ones we found. And if you were wondering if the aforementioned potato wrapped in plastic and parsley on a plastic tray were in this thread, they definitely were.

1. “A tiny little amount of eyeliner in a huge plastic container”

2. “We ordered 3 Mio drink flavors and they came in 3 packages like this.”

3. “Ordered 150 washers. This is how they were packaged.”

4. “These 0.7 ml anti-flea and anti-tick drops straight out of the box”

5. “Just opened my front door to this. Although they are stackable, Amazon decided that each of these 9 large planters needed its very own enormous box.”

6. “They must’ve been out of envelopes...”

7. “This tea that I got for christmas...”

8. “I legit called the company to ask if they forgot to send me something because the box was so big...”

9. “The amount of packaging used for 2 packets of tea direct from the manufacturer amazes me.”

10. “Ordered a notebook with my order so I could qualify for free shipping and it came separately in this massive box.”

11. “I ordered 2 hard drives. This is how they were packed.”

12. “For a pair of shoelaces”

13. “It was one pajama top!”

14. “I’m so glad that the fragile gloves I ordered with something else came with padding!”

15. “Chopped parsley packaging”

16. “Really glad my made-from-recycled-materials and biodegradable sponges came wrapped together AND individually in plastic.”

17. “Hopefully 2020 brings less of this.”

18. “This is how they send my contacts. Every. Single. Year.”

19. “The place I work at just got individually wrapped packages of individually wrapped M&M’s”

20. “It’s the only way to ship a yardstick.”

21. “I’ve never seen candy bars wrapped up after already having been wrapped.”

Have you ever received an over-packaged order? Show us some pictures if you have them!

Preview photo credit l1ttle_m0nst3r / Reddit
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