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20+ Annoying Things That Can Make Anyone Throw a Tantrum

No matter how different we are as humans, there are some things that many of us can relate to. For example, we’re pretty sure that many of you have come across that moment when you want to put on your earplugs but they’ve decided to perplex themselves like a bunch of cold snakes.

Bright Side collected 21 of the most relatable everyday micro-issues that can create a simultaneous feeling of annoyance and laughter in many of you.

1. Why do zippers have to fail us so much?

2. The moment your keys decide that they don’t need their freedom anymore

3. The smart way phone companies take more money from you

4. Monster people who leave trains like this

5. And you wonder why people have a hard time finding a parking spot...

6. Nobody told you that your cardigan came with 15 tags.

7. What do you do when you finish food? Well, you put the empty plate in the fridge, right?

8. Some people don’t know what “in half” means.

9. Who wants pepperoni pizza?

10. Some people lose their target when they need it most.

11. Isn’t it amazing when one person fills 3 seats with their stuff?

12. Now all you need is to eat the paper as well!

13. It’s hard being married to someone who opens things this way.

14. A mistake that can’t be corrected no matter what.

15. Any sales assistant’s nightmare

16. Every time you realize how much society respects bikers

17. Aliens do in fact walk among us every single day.

18. What’s so hard about organizing your cutlery?

19. You’ll also wash your pants whether you want to or not.

20. Why don’t we just leave the door open?

21. This can cause a few strokes a day...

Which one of the above images made your nerves explode the most? Please tell us all about your frustration down in the comment section.

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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