18 Matches That Made Us Wonder If Time Traveling Is Real

2 years ago

Some people have their DNA game on point, so much so that even children from multiple generations down the line end up looking exactly like their ancestors. Others turn into carbon copies of their parents or even copies of movie characters.

Bright Side rounded up several photos of people whose resemblances are so uncanny, it would make you question whether these people were actually time travelers.

1. “Like father, like son!”

2. “Turns out my great aunt was Harry Potter.”

3. “Great-grandma looks like Mrs. Doubtfire”

4. “3 generations of ladies in their 20s”

5. “My grandfather‘s ID at age 20, and me at age 22”

6. “No kidding, he and his grandfather look like clones!”

7. “Me at 9 months in 1989 and my son at 9 months in 2018”

8. “I never thought that I looked like my mother until I saw these pictures side-by-side.”

9. “Surprise, you were your grandfather the whole time!”

10. “My dad’s passport picture and my youngest brother”

11. “If you told me those were the same kid, I would believe you!”

12. “People tell me I look a lot like my grandmother when she was young.”

13. “It blows my mind how people look more like their grandparents than their parents!”

14. This little boy is a copy-paste version of his dad.

15. “My great-great-grandmother, the daughter of a slave, and me, an Ivy League student.”

16. “Those paternal genes are strong!”

17. “After 5 years of Hormone Replacement Therapy, everyone says I look like my mom!”

18. “My great-grandma and me, in our early 20s. I’d love to know how features get passed and show up 3 generations later!”

Which of these images stunned you the most? Do you also have relatives that you look identical to?

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Please note: This article was updated in November 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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