22 Things That Were Made by People Who Had No Clue What They Were Doing

The design of an object must be functional and aesthetic. Or, at least, that is what is taught in courses related to this subject, which involves learning how to create an item that looks good and meets the needs of those who buy it. But not all creators manage to do that, resulting in strange situations that only make you wonder why these things exist and what they were looking for when creating them.

Bright Side compiled different pictures that show not everyone is cut out to design things and that sometimes it’s better to ask a professional to take care of business.

1. “A dining chair that’s had the legs cut off and haphazardly affixed to an office chair base, donated to my ReStore.”

2. In addition to eating instant noodles, you can also use them as an accessory.

3. Because hammocks are no longer fashionable we had to find something else.

4. “Hand-drilled speaker grill in an elevator in a newly built $100M building”

5. “Previous owner of my house covered a gap in the floorboards by nailing down flattened food tins.”

6. Is this a glitch in the Matrix?

7. “I guess the dryer relay went bad, it runs when pushing start, but doesn’t stay running. I fixed it, but just didn’t repair it yet.”

8. “The wife and I were tearing down a wall and saw this... An iPhone 5 box being used as a fan control holder! Yet completely drywalled so you couldn’t tell!”

9. “This showed up at my work today. It’s handmade from old cans of Fanta.”

10. Quick fixes for the electrically inexperienced

11. It is likely that this button activates the “Automatic mode.”

12. “It’s too hot for this thing and I’m not allowed to have things sticking out my window.”

13. “I am poor, but still need a sofa.”

14. “I have no words.”

15. “If it can float on water it can hold the water.”

16. “My grandfather said he added a bathroom to the attic of his shop. Yes, that’s a funnel. Yes, it goes through a hole in the wall. And yes it rains down the outside corner of the building.”

17. “Craigslist kids cycle”

18. “So umm yeah, I did this.”

19. “Minion? I’m more confused than I am disturbed.”

20. “My friend’s free-standing monitor...”

21. “Helping a friend fix up a recent purchase. Never thought I’d describe a foundation to someone as cinder blocks shimmed with a rock.”

22. “So there was a hole in the window and this is how our school decided to fix it.”

Have you ever encountered a strange or non-functional object? What experiences did you have with it?

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